Friday, 7 May 2010

Last Man Standing

No traffic again today, and the skies are silent.  I walk urgently between the rows of desks, and the faint keyboard chatter reminds me, It’s Complicated, as if I needed any reminding.  As usual the room is dark to save power, but the passageway is well-enough lit by the glowing screens.  The face of each civil servant wears a slight smile, reminiscent of the Kouros smile of archaic Greek statues.

I knock timidly on the door, then enter quietly.

“Prime Minister,” I begin, “everything has ground to a halt.  The country – the world – is in stasis.  We must have action!  Only you can save us now.”

“Mmm,” the Prime Minister murmured, without looking up, and I saw then that her Marilyn Monroe lips were set in that Kouros smile, her Caligula-like eyes gazing dreamily at her Facebook home page.  “I like,” she said.  “They like.  WE ALL LIKE…..….”    :-(

Copyright © Donnie Ross 2010