Friday, 17 September 2010

Alpha to Omega-3

Aristotle’s acolyte Alexander’s Bucephalus-borne Babylonwards,  conquering citizens’n’city-states, destroying, dealing death, expanding empire east.

Flee, foreign foes! Gallop, great gee-gee! Hit hard, hoplites! Indians ignore indecisiveness, just jackboot Jodhpur, knot-solving Kandaharian king.

Let’s live luxuriously, ‘midst Medean maidens, now narcissistic, now only orgiastic or psychopathically pissed paranoid. Quiet question: Queen Roxana, really randy? Sexual subversion somewhere? Too tentative to understand unwritten urspeak …

Various vast visions wearily wane, with Xenophon, xenophilia, Xerxes yielding yesterdays yearningly.

“Zeus! ‘Zat Zeta?”