Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sensations of Sfumaturia

Sensations of Sfumaturia

Thanks, sez Professor Coco, my lecture went OK, although there wasn’t a standing ovation as you kindly suggested might have been appropriate, not even so much as a semi-recumbent ovulation eventuated going forward, or indeed sideways.  We were not downhearted though as it was a very interesting session and a lot of good people avec whom to spik.  Fuck this autocorrection, it seems to have no sensations of sfumaturia.

There was as ever a minor problem of inaudibilibinousness, but it was as ever easily solved by the multidudes, by vertu of ignoring 20% VAT vas I saying and schliding semisubconscioussubversibly into the Vatters von Lethe. No mutter, it was the same for all, especiously the very highly academic people who actually read (pron. red) their Abstrouce Pieces, no B minor matter they being full of big words etk to busting.

The next big thing, as Coco further animadvertisses, is iBooks Author.  By the swift agency of this Soft Ware Programmmme, an averagely renaissanslynonensological Person can throw together Elements from Texte, Imauges, Drawinges, Soulefulle Pomes, Scabrous Scatirical Scetches, Musickall Utterances & Ejaculations,  Videos Nasty & Nice and so on and so Forth Salve et Valley not excluding Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Bile, Phlegm, wo!evah into a single integrated UrMegaBlisteringFabbyUberkunsteWerke. The Productio of such Konzepzione then being Promulgated and haemodynamically Bruited Abroad via iBooks upon such PlattteForms as iPad, iPhone & iJimmyChoos.

But now we must off the better furtae celebrate the inconcarnetenation of occasions such as the Turing Centenary, the Epoch of Leopold Bloom, the Craze for Ziggy Stardust, the Siciliani Desperati, the Resuscitation of Enoch BadBadBadBad-Powell and the iPlayer Compendium of the Archers (not).  Coco and I say nothing about footeball, we merely wish most heartily that it woulde cease and desist, preferablie forthwith.

© Donnie Ross 2012

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